About Designer Research Culture
When I was a little girl nothing came easy so I’m more of a “do it your own “kind of woman. If I really wanted something and I couldn’t have it I would just make it. Art was always apart of my life since a kid. I remember my first fashion sketch was in the 6th grade and to take away my attention from math class I started drawing a silhouette of girl automatically I started sketching an outfit for her from then on I never stopped designing . This creative passion led me to take a 3 year course of fashion designing at Wigan and Leigh College. My graduating collection inspired by the events of world war as well as the shift of work force to the women during that period is what gave me my unique design style and off course winning the “fashion forward ‘award. I keep that term in mind while designing the newer garment’s. the positive response from the show took me to my next move which was starting my own brand I said to myself go big and make it strong that’s how Claude & Claudette was born . My personal style is the new age 40’s. I describe my work as vintage and modern combining trends for more artistic fashion.

I’m more concerned with color, quality and proportion of craftsmanship sometimes I like to do the opposite of what’s normal with my designs. I want the man or woman wearing my garments to feel like their head is in the clouds with their feet on the ground. I create garments with a strong point of view from the inspiration, quality, finishing, detail and more importantly how the person should feel which is fierce, sexy, confident and classy.

Inspiration behind the clothing line
The Claude & Claudette customer should be inspired by wearing my garments. Being the designer who I am I derive inspiration from anything that catches my eye which in turn influences my fashionable soul. This new collection is a continuation from my first collection based on world war but re-invented and inspired by the regular, fun loving, fashion forward on the go man or woman with a twist of a high end vintage feel.
For my accessories I’ve been inspired and a believer of native American culture which gave me the idea of creating handmade dream catcher earrings with delicate webbing and feathers.
I’ve always liked the look and feel of zippers it gives the garment an edgy strong look. One day randomly playing with a metal zip I put it around my wrist and then came the zip bracelet.
When it comes to the bow ties I just got tired of seeing so many men wear plain boring old ties but to me I consider a man wearing a bow tie sexy.

Concept of clothing line
Using this concept in my collection it gives the Claude man and Claudette woman a couture ready to wear garment that shapes the body with ease and comfort. Taking little hints of the 40’s buster’s and high waited fitted as well as a mild flare skirts to show a woman’s most confident body part the high waist . Elegant cut dresses to show the right curves on a woman drawing in the right attention. Pulling suttle hints from the military jackets to give a mans silhouette a well shaped sharp look. Also using various pleating techniques and textures is my signature style of creation. The Concept of this collection is also greatly taken from the fabrics I personally select or create to give my customers a more personal feel towards the garments they buy from Claude & Claudette.

For the accessories I’ve changed up the dream catcher earrings with colorful beaded webbing some with earthy tones to maintain the native cultural aspect. The zip bracelets to make the Claudette woman edgy and strong. Bow ties giving the Claude man the feeling of being sexy and smart without a basic tie. All accessories are statement pieces. You can wear them while your naked still giving you the same feeling each accessory screams out.